Here we go. I’m stuck on a train platform because of a significant delay at Highett. We sat between Cheltenham and Highett for maybe twenty minutes and then got off. The platform is loaded with people, no trains running up until this point on the line, and they don’t know when it will be fixed. Could be an half an hour before we get moving again, so I’m gonna bash out a rough post and publish it as is, just as an experiment. It could be incoherent and rambly, diary-like.

Incidentally, I wrote a piece last time I had a significant delay on the trains a few weeks ago and never put it up. I might edit that now. It was alright, if a little old now. Anyway, commence thought exercise.

I went to the Big Day Out yesterday. It was a great day. First time I had been in four or five years, not much has changed really. It was hot as hell. Some pretty good acts, I’ll post a longer review later when I put my photos up on here. It was a big crowd too. BDO still is strong in Melbourne I reckon.

I’m not feeling too tired at the moment. I was earlier, but I’ve broken on through the mid-journey sleep I usually indulge in. Chose not to go to the gym tonight. May prove to be a wise decision, perhaps not.

(By the way, the train started going just then. I’m gonna keep typing till I’m done though. Less of a delay than I expected.)

Got some exciting work stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks. Meeting my new team leader tomorrow, and heading up to Canberra with them next week. Exciting is relative, I suppose.

Just had four days off, had a good time, didn’t get anything major accomplished, except for maybe cleaning the study a bit. Oh well.

I really have nothing else at the moment. I’ll edit that other train delay piece this week, if I can find it. It can go up. Didn’t get a chance to put together a piece last week for here which sucks. There’ll also be a BDO post with some photos and stuff soon as well. Anyways, experiment over. No editing, no re-reading, just brain to thumb to iPhone.