This week, one of my bands, Myyth, received our EP ‘Museum’ back from the press. For the first time in my life I held a physical manifestation of music that I had played on and helped create. Leading up to that moment, I thought about what it meant to have something to hold as a product of our creativity and effort. It did not turn out to be some sort of profound moment I half expected it to be. I already had ideas about what this piece would say, but I decided to wait until I actually got a copy before I started to write about how it made me feel. I’m glad I waited, because I probably would’ve had to start from scratch.

This sounds like a pretty flat way to open a piece about a pretty cool thing, but bear with me. Getting your first pressed CD is great, and I’m glad that we have this physical thing to show for our work. But for me, the real joy in the process leading up until this point has been in the intangible things - moments, processes, experiences. Getting to write and rehearse these songs with these two other guys, whom I have much admiration and respect for, was joyful. Getting to work in a great studio with the help and critical ear of a friend of ours was extremely valuable. Without his help, this process would’ve been almost impossible, the end product less professional and far more expensive. These songs give us the an excuse to get in front of audiences on a regular basis, and I am ever so thankful for that.

As part of my general obsession with all things digital, in my life I have generally left physical media behind. I still purchase CDs, but generally rip them into my iTnnes library and let the disc collect dust on the shelf. I always buy eBooks instead of physical books. I rarely buy printed newspapers or magazines anymore. I watch most of my favourite television shows on my iPad. So maybe the reason I was underwhelmed is that I simply don’t put as much value in having something to hold as a sign of artistic validation as others do. I place far less importance on the medium, choosing to focus on the quality of the material itself instead. I think with most types of media, digital conveys the intended ideas in a just as satisfying way as physical media, with the added benefit of being far more convenient.

Having said that, the way the majority of people want to engage with a piece of creative work is still through a physical object. Whether they find the technology intimidating or frustrating, or whether they are apprehensive to spend their hard-earned money on something as intangible as a set of MP3 files, it doesn’t matter. As a band, all you want is for people to hear your work. You want to show new people that what you are doing is creative and exciting, and that it is worth their time and money. If people want a copy of our CD to play in their car and show to their friends, we are now happily able to oblige. In the end, all people are looking for is a satisfying experience. They want to look over the cover and smell the packaging. They want to put it on in their car on the way home and turn it up loud. Anything that takes away from the immediacy and sense of involvement that physical media provides serves to frustrate the person who has been gracious enough to hand over their money and commit their time.

So friends, we have done this for you, and for the people who are as yet unfamiliar with our work. We want to get the message out far and wide, and by having something like this to share, we will be able to do this more effectively. I’m extremely proud of what we have done. I love playing these songs, and I love playing with these guys. If this gets more people to hear what we are doing, the time, money and effort will be have been very well spent. For those of you who would like to purchase or download a copy of the EP, please head over to our bandcamp page. If you are curious and would like to stream the EP, please visit Soundcloud, or simply click play on the embedded player below.

Myyth thanks you.