Horace on the creative life

Horace Dediu, on The Critical Path:

'Let's say you are a creative professional; you're always thinking about creating stuff, that's fundamentally what you do. You're making a movie, you're making a song, you're making a design, you're making something, you're a maker. And you don't think of your life as "I've made one thing, I'm done. You know, I'm gonna milk that for the rest of my life." No one would do that, that's not how people who make stuff believe that they should conduct themselves.'

I think that the people out there who make stuff will understand this sentiment entirely. What that stuff is could be virtually anything at all. Some people just have the compulsion to create, even if it is sometimes just for its own sake. It's not even a matter of being a hobbyist or a professional; it's something far deeper than that.

A creative life, to me, is a life worth living. Not every person out there is a maker, and that's fine; I'm not saying it's the only way to live. The different ways that any one life can be given purpose is essentially infinite. But I know for some people, creating is a pretty fundamental part of that equation.