Scientists on the creative life

Ryan Sheales:

“Creativity essentially involves the achievement of order out of chaos and the progressive development of skill,” according to the British born thinker [Associate Professor John Armstrong], now living in Melbourne.

“These reverse some of our daily fears: that chaos will overwhelm us, that life will drain away in worry and empty routine.

“To master a piece on the piano, learn how to order a glass of wine in Italian, plant a herb garden or make a book case are not world-transforming achievements, in the big romantic sense. But they allow us to be active agents of beauty, grace and order,” he says...

This means the joys of art, languages and general creativity now act as crucial counterbalances to our fast-paced, modern lives.

“Modest though these pursuits may be, they meet a grand inner need for participation in the good,” Associate Professor Armstrong says.'

Sometimes just creating is enough, guys.