Liner Notes

Yesterday, Dead Pool released the 'Synesthesia' EP. I wrote about the process of making it on this site quite a few times, both in abstract terms and in a more matter-of-fact fashion. I urge you all to take a listen.

As a neat way to wrap up my thoughts on the process, I thought I'd run the liner notes that we put together just in case you don't get the opportunity to sift through Ryan's amazing accompanying PDF booklet. Which would be your loss, I suppose.

I'd also like to give personal thanks to Ryan, Jeremy and Nathan for their persistence and creative spark and to Andy for continuing to indulge us all this time.


These recordings were made over a course of months in many different places, times and environments. They are the product of enthusiasm, dedication, frustration and friendship. We may not have known exactly what we were doing the entire time, but we found that there is often joy and satisfaction in the act of simply creating. Through this journey we learned a lot about the craft, ourselves and each other. The end result is certainly something for us to be proud of.

Dead Pool would like to thank co-conspirator Andy Thompson for the time, effort and expertise he contributed to the creation of this recording. Without him, 'Synesthesia' would not have existed in this form and for that we are extremely grateful. Both creatively and personally, Andy is a kindred spirit; of this band as a whole and of its constituent members.

To girlfriends and families that gave leave for afternoons and evenings and tolerated late-night returns from rehearsals and recording sessions, we say thank you.

To our friends writing, playing, learning or creating anything at all, we urge you to continue doing what you're doing. Persist with your own journeys of self discovery.

-Dead Pool