About ten days ago we Myyth boys, armed with enthusiasm and a fresh batch of songs, carried out a plan to do some downmarket drum recording in Andy's shed. Considering the type of studio we used for the 'Museum' EP last year, it was most certainly back-to-basics. Instead of having the pick of the studio's microphone cupboard and a beautiful space in which to place them, we pooled our own and set them up. It was all very unwieldy.


Doing serious recording is always fun but stressful. Often you are under significant time pressure and don't really have the opportunity to do much testing. Preparation can only get you so far. You just have to cross your fingers and hope that whatever goes wrong can be easily fixed or accounted for. 

I've been playing music with Ryan, our drummer, for almost a decade. Anyone who has seen him play might wonder why I stuck it out this long. He just isn't very good. If I develop some sort of back pain when I'm older, it's because I've been carrying him all these years. I'm sure Andy is going to have to spend hours on the computer tightening up all the tracks to account for this. I do not envy that.



I suppose that the environment we recorded was more interesting than your average shed. The things you can see on the shelves behind Ryan are books and DVDs relating to an old family business. Without going too deep into it, the material on the shelves was concerned with helping people out of some of the most horrible circumstances that human beings can be in. It was interesting and sad to see the kind of predicaments we humans manage to find ourselves in and the sorts of help we end up needing to get ourselves out..


It was freezing in there. The portable heater than Andy bought in did a pretty good job of keeping my legs warm, but I doubt it did much for the others. If Ryan's drumming wasn't the loudest thing within a twenty-six kilometre radius you might even hear the complaining in the recordings.


We're recording bass this weekend, so it's my turn to step up to the plate. Keep an eye out for more updates from the studio and for new material from Myyth soon.