It's been a while

It sure has been a while.

It's been ten weeks since I wrote anything for the site and four and a half years since I sat in the international departure lounge. I could say I've changed a little in five years and a lot in ten weeks, but that would be too clever and not honest enough.

About ten weeks ago, I booked a flight to Bangkok. I didn't think about it very much, I just did it. It was out of character for me, but that's a healthy thing to say every now and then.

More than anything, this trip is a test of the way I want to approach my life. Be grateful, humble and open-minded. Abandon the unnecessary. Be flexible, instinctive, in the moment. Listen to others and appreciate the value of their stories.

I've got a small backpack of clothes, an SLR, a couple of nights accommodation and some things I want to do. And that's it. I'll just figure shit out one moment at a time, one day at a time. Am I anxious? Yeah. Am I excited? I'm getting there. This is a great opportunity for me to come to terms with the questions that travel asks of us all, to many of which I have yet to provide definitive answers.